Dating Columnist for Complex Magazine

For a year and a half, I wrote a weekly column for Complex Magazine chronicling my life as a single woman navigating New York City’s treacherous dating scene. I shared war stories and offered my advice and admonitions, which you can read by clicking on the articles below.Humor is hot
Communication Chemistry
Pies and Lies
Dear Jamie
Dating Resolutions
Nice is Making a Comeback
Love like Jim
How About We
Single Skills
Immaculate Infatuation
Conquering the Busy Girl
Can you hear me now?
Virtues of Dating Around
The Do’s and Don’ts of E-mail Intros
3 First Date Don’ts
5 Sure Ways To Land a Second Date
Do’s and Don’ts of Next Day Texts
Guide to Dating a Female Sports Fan
How to Look Your Best on Date Night
Prepping the Bachelor Pad for Date Night
Are Your Friends Benefits?
Ending It Gracelfully
Dear Jamie
Love like my 93-year-old Zayda
Where to Meet a Woman You’d Want to Date
Recycling in the Dating World
War Stories From Dating Boot Camp
Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
Ending It Gracefully
A Case For Being Single
What She Said VS. What She Meant
The Work Dating Balance
Why Some People Are Doomed To Repeat History
Setting Up An Ex
Don’t Call Me Back
Extending A Summer Fling
Bad Date Redemption
One Year Later (Part 1)
One Year Later (Part 2)
Mister Critical Error
Dating Inertia
The Last Call
Dating Deal Breakers